Online courses made to fit the life of a

health care professional.

The course is divided into small, easy to follow modules and they are online. You can complete the course whenever and wherever you are, and at your own pace. The course is helpful to diabetes nurses, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals working with diabetes, and managers in companies that work with diabetes.

"As Chief Physician I have instructed all my medical staff to introduce Hedia’s app to people with diabetes. I have taken Hedia’s online certification course to get familiar with the app and I am very glad that my health care professionals instruct patients to use Hedia.”

- Malene Boas, Chief Physician, Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Get certified

Take Hedia’s main course and become a Certified Hedia Advisor. The combination of the expertise of healthcare professionals and Hedia’s Diabetes Assistant creates great value for people with diabetes.

Great benefits

With Hedia’s online course you will achieve many great benefits such as strengthening your competencies within technological health solutions, demonstrating to patients how HDA strives to make life with diabetes easier, and always being on top of new developments in digital diabetes health care.

Many different courses

In the Hedia Education Universe there are several courses and we are adding new ones as we develop new offerings. The courses are both available in English and danish.

Your personal assistant

About Hedia Diabetes Assistant

Our diabetes app aims to help you towards a more stable blood sugar level and fewer worries!

✔ Get insulin dosage recommendations

✔ Keep track of active insulin in your bloodstream 

✔ Save favorite food items to make faster calculations

✔ Track blood sugar levels, time-in-range, exercise and carb intake

✔ Get notifications when it’s time to remeasure blood glucose

✔ Export logbook data to share with the healthcare team