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For the 84 users who initially had less blood glucose control, we found a 12.35% improvement in estimated time-in-range after 12 weeks use of Hedia. Across all users, we saw a 2% average increase in time-in-range in 12 weeks use of Hedia Diabetes Assistant. This may indicate that Hedia contributes to maintaining a well-controlled blood glucose level.

The range that we looked at was a blood glucose level between 3.9 and 10 mmol/L. This gave us the estimated time-in-range: the proportion of blood glucose measurements within that range.

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- Cica Popa

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- Jane Nielsen

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About Hedia Diabetes Assistant

Our diabetes app helps you towards a more stable blood sugar level and fewer worries!

✔ Get insulin dosage recommendations

✔ Keep track of active insulin in your bloodstream 

✔ Save favorite food items to make faster calculations

✔ Track blood sugar levels, time-in-range, exercise and carb intake

✔ Get notifications when it’s time to remeasure blood glucose

✔Export logbook data to share with healthcare team

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Since 2019 we have worked closely with the Danish Diabetes Association.


We are integrated with the GlucoMen Areo from A. Menarini.


We are integrated with the CONTOUR NEXT ONE from Ascensia.

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We are integrated with the Keto-Mojo GKI from Keto Mojo.


We are integrated with the Beurer GL49

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We are integrated with CareSens Dual and CareSens N Premier from I-sens.

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