Learn about blood ketones in Hedia.

The course is helpful to diabetes nurses, other healthcare professionals working with diabetes, and managers in companies that work with diabetes.

Blood ketone knowledge

Everything you need to know about blood ketone levels, units, ranges and much more

Blood ketones and Hedia

Understand how Hedia takes blood ketones into account, how you measure blood ketone levels and how to log it


Learn how Hedia connects with Keto-Mojo to automatically synchronise blood keton levels

About Hedia Diabetes Assistant

Our diabetes app helps you towards a more stable blood sugar level and fewer worries!

✔ Get insulin dosage recommendations

✔ Keep track of active insulin in your bloodstream 

✔ Save favorite food items to make faster calculations

✔ Track blood sugar levels, time-in-range, exercise and carb intake

✔ Get notifications when it’s time to remeasure blood glucose

✔Export logbook data to share with healthcare team

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